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About the Hospital

Ocean Beach Hospital is a Level IV trauma Critical Access Hospital.  We are located in Ilwaco, WA on the Pacific Peninsula.  We are also conveniently located a stone’s throw away from Astoria, OR which is a very popular travel destination on the Oregon coast. Ocean Beach Hospital and Medical Clinics provides access to both routine and critical health care services for the people who live, work, and play in our community.  Our purpose is to ease the pain and improve the health of the people who are in our care. 

Ocean Beach Wellness and Rehabilitation Center

Ocean Beach Hospital and Medical clinics are proud to announce the opening of the Ocean Beach Hospital Wellness and Rehabilitation Center.  The center will open in 2021. The brand new state-of-the-art facility is approximately 2400 square feet in space and will house both outpatient Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  The site will feature 2 private treatment rooms, five additional treatment spaces, an open gym concept, a significant increase in cardio and strengthening equipment, and several new opportunities for the delivery of outpatient care. 

The Ocean Beach Wellness and Rehabilitation team consists of four full time Doctors of Physical Therapy and one Occupational Therapist.  We also have a team of three Patient Care Advocates and Authorization specialists.

Ocean Beach Physical Therapy

As of late 2020, Ocean Beach Hospital has retired the name of Peninsula Physical Therapy.  The Hospital will continue to deliver Physical Therapy services as Ocean Beach Physical Therapy. 

Ocean Beach Physical Therapy provides one on one treatment for patients in the outpatient, acute, and post-acute care settings.  All treatments are tailored specifically to suit the needs of each individual patient, and reflect an evidence-based approach.  With an emphasis on manually-guided treatment, our objective is to return each patient to early, active movement as soon as possible-whether the ultimate goal is to resume running, to compete in the state basketball playoffs, to go for a Discovery trail bike ride, or simply to get to the mailbox. 

The primary goal at Ocean Beach Physical Therapy is patient empowerment.  Our intention is to encourage every patient to be actively engaged in their own rehabilitation.  This involves constant patient education, assessment, re-assessment, and progression from manual treatment to active movement.  Ultimately, most patients want to be more functional during their daily life.  Based on the evidence, in order to attain that goal, an active approach to treatment is the most efficient. 

Ocean Beach Occupational Therapy

Ocean Beach Occupational Therapy provides one on one treatment for patients in the outpatient, acute, and post-acute settings.  Each treatment is based on an individualized assessment and development of a subsequent rehabilitation program.  The primary emphasis of our program is to address any deficits in the “occupations” during a patient’s day.  We refer to occupations as things that occupy your time.  When an injury or illness interferes with your ability to do those activities, Occupational Therapy helps you recover by doing the activities of daily life that are important to you. This may involve changing the environment or doing an activity differently to make it possible to live life to the fullest.


Contact Info
Name:    Brandon Higa PT, DPT, OCS
Title:       Director of Rehabilitation
Phone:   360 642 6426
Email:     [email protected]

Website:  www.oceanbeachhospital.com



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