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Join us for the 2025 APTA Oregon Fall Conference! APTA Oregon has great opportunities for students and professionals to be involved in the Annual Conference.
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Information on the 2024 Call for Proposals: 

Do you have a knowledge in a topic that would benefit the profession? Do you have a poster to present? Wish to promote your company and support the physical therapy industry? We want to hear from you!

This is the official call for proposals for the 2024 APTA Oregon Annual Conference!
We are soliciting a variety of presentations, and they may include single or multiple presenters. Formats may vary from traditional lecture sessions with one or more presenters to short-form case presentations such as complicated patient cases, or brief research platforms.  The committee is open to hearing unique ideas. If you have content exceeding 1 hour for an educational session you may submit two 1-hour sessions, designating in the title that this is Part 1 or Part 2. We will also consider 90-minute presentations if we can fit them neatly into the final schedule. 

The 2024 APTA Oregon Annual Conference will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2024 in Beaverton at the St. Vincent Medical Center in Beaverton. The Continuing Education Committee is particularly seeking submissions on the following topics, although all topic submissions are welcome:

General Topics

  • Interprofessional collaborative practice
  • Preventing professional burnout
  • Telehealth
  • Social determinants of health and how they are being implemented into practice
  • Diversity equity and inclusion in clinical practice
  • Assistive Technology across the lifespan
  • Embedding functional and meaningful movement through a client’s day
  • Pain management
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Community and public health
  • Private practice management and ownership
  • Long COVID
  • Non-clinical pathways
  • Creating and expanding therapeutic alliance


  • Health & wellness in pediatric populations
  • Examples of knowledge translation of evidence-based practices into pediatric practice or natural childhood environments
  • Health promotion and PT management of childhood obesity
  • Physical Therapy for children with Visual or Hearing Impairments
  • Evidence Based Practice in School-based Physical Therapy
  • Development and implementation of school-wide wellness programs
  • COVID-19 in Pediatric Population – knowledge transference & Implications for treatment

Geriatric and Neurological Topics

  • Falls and concussions in older adults
  • COVID neurologic symptom management
  • Power training for older adults or neurological populations
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Osteoporosis management
  • Current clinical practice guidelines for geriatric and neurological conditions: ALS, stroke, etc. 
  • Home health PT

Orthopedic Topics

  • Merit based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
  • Evidence based practice for treatment modalities and interventions
  • Current clinical practice guidelines for orthopedic conditions
  • Hip Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI) and muscle inhibition.
  • ACL – Movement compensation and appropriate loading
  • Developing Explosiveness and rate of force development in the athletes
  • Plyometrics for injury reduction
  • Post-op consideration for orthopedic surgery
  • Interprofessional collaborations between surgeon and PT
  • Shoulder related injuries

Acute Care Topics

Topics Specific to Physical Therapy Assistants

PT Student Lead Content and Topics

Topics Specific to Early Career Physical Therapist

Pelvic Health

Hippotherapy and Beyond

The APTA Oregon Continuing Education Committee will make the selection from the proposals for inclusion in the programming. Selection criteria include: evidence base and clarity supporting the proposal, probable interest to conference attendees, feasibility, and time constraints. If you would like to be considered to present, please complete and submit the below form prior to Friday, October 27, 2023.

Questions? Please contact the APTA-Oregon office at [email protected].

Click here to submit your proposal!

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In an effort to recognize physical therapy related research in Oregon and promote further research efforts, APTA Oregon will be highlighting Oregon researchers at the APTA Oregon Annual Conference.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Clinicians, Academics, and Students to present their research.

The APTA Oregon Annual Conference will be held in Portland on Saturday, March 2, 2023.  Interested individuals are invited to submit abstracts for presentation in poster format.  Abstracts must be received by Thursday, January 11, 2024.  You will be notified of the acceptance/rejection of your abstract by Friday February 2, 2024. If you have any questions you may contact Jennifer Craft at [email protected] 


APTA Oregon is soliciting Research Reports, Case Studies, and Special Interest Reports (presentation of unique concepts, ideas, or devices related to physical therapy).  Abstracts are intended to represent scientific research or non-commercial content related to clinical practice.  Advertisements are not acceptable. 

Submission Format

The abstract must be submitted to APTA Oregon  LIST FORM / website link.  The abstract must be no longer than 250 words in length. 

Poster Formatting Information
Your poster should be an expansion of, not a departure from, the content of the abstract.  Required elements for all posters include:

  1. Include the title, name(s) and institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s), and the name and location of the institution or facility at which the work was performed (font size should be at least 1 inch high).  It’s also helpful to include an email address for anyone who wants to contact you about your poster outside presentation time.
  2. Use charts, graphs, diagrams, or photographs
  3. Minimize words
  4. Keep it organized and match the presentation to the flow of the poster
  5. Place your most significant findings at eye level
  6. Print size should allow the poster to read from a distance of six (6) feet
  7. Use color and keep it visually stimulating
  8. Avoid reflective, plastic-coated paper
  9. Provide information on all topics included in the abstract
  10. No advertisement of service or product may be listed
  11. Use fonts such as:  Arial, Helvetica, Trebuchet MS, and Univers


The APTA Oregon 2024 Annual Conference will be held in in-person. By agreeing to submit a poster you also agree to be available on March 2, 2024, to present your poster onsite.

Poster submissions are due by 5pm on Thursday, January 11, 2024. You will be notified of the acceptance/rejection of your abstract by Friday, February 2, 2024. If you have any questions you may contact Jennifer Craft at [email protected].

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