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Company Description:  At ProActive Physical Therapy Specialists, we have powerful healing and outstanding results with our many different services that we provide from Workplace Injuries to Persistent Pain Issues and everything in between. Our culture of excellent clinical care and AmaZing! customer service is truly one of a kind. We take great pride in making a difference in our patients' lives and having fun while doing so. ProActive lives and breathes our core values. We want clinicians that want to first and foremost continue learning as we work closely with Evidence in Motion and promote (and pay for!) pathways to obtain your Manual Therapy Certification and OCS early in your career! We work hard and we have a fun time doing it! We value passion and integrity and have leadership opportunities and pathways available if you are interested in becoming a clinic director.  If these values resonate with you, please join Ernie Sturzinger if you are interested in a career in one of our Portland-metro or central Oregon clinics or Ryan Nall if you are interested in a career in one of our clinics in the Vancouver, Washington region.


Contact Info
Name:   Ernie Sturzinger
Title:      ProActive Oregon Regional Director

Phone:  (503) 428-7291
Email:   [email protected]

Name:    Ryan Nall
Title:       ProActive Washington Regional Director

Phone:  (503) 686-4110
Email:    [email protected]





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