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The APTA Oregon Political Action Committee (OPT-PAC) is the political action committee (PAC) of APTA Oregon. The purpose of the OPT-PAC is to help elect legislators who will help further the interests of the physical therapy profession. OPT-PAC does this by providing financial support to political campaigns.  APTA Oregon actively lobbies on behalf of physical therapists statewide. Contributions to OPT-PAC are based on a wide range of criteria including electability, leadership potential and commitment to issues of importance to physical therapists.  Your contribution helps to ensure that your voice is heard in Salem.

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Take Advantage of Oregon’s Political Tax Credit!

Your contribution to OPT-PAC is eligible for an Oregon tax credit of up to $50 per individuals with an adjusted gross income of less than $100k, and up to $100 for couples filing jointly with an adjustable gross income less than $200k.

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