Research Resources

APTA Oregon is committed to providing the tools for our members to provide the most effective physical therapy treatments for their patients.  We foster the dissemination and development of physical therapy research in Oregon by offering tools and courses to improve the clinicians access to and comprehension of research.  We also seek to foster research within the physical therapy community by encouraging researchers to present their findings to our members at conferences or through association publications.
  • APTA's Guide to Physical Therapist Practice identifies common features of patient/client management by physical therapists for selected patient/client diagnostic groups
  • Hooked on Evidence allows you to search article extractions or clinical scenarios for evidence related to physical therapy interventions
  • At APTA's Learning Center we encourage you to Learn Your Way – you choose the when, where, and how you will advance your professional education
  • Open Door provides access to several databases and health care literature from ProQuest, Joanna Briggs Institute, the Cochrane Library, and more
  • PTNow is a collaboration between APTA and APTA Sections with tools for advancing physical therapist practice
  • Research tips from APTA for performing a physical therapy literature search
  • The Foundation for Physical Therapy – Research, Results, Recognition
  • The APTA Section on Research – Research, Evidence, Practice
  • Online evidence-based databases from the APTA Section on Research
  • Physical Therapy – The Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association
  • JOSPT (Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy) Perspectives for Patients offers clinicians and patients a credible source of new information derived from a published article and explains how it affects patient care
  • The Center for Evidence Based Medicine
  • The Cerebral Palsy Guide is compiled to help guide and serve all families with disabilities caused by physical birth injuries.